Gutob [gbj], also known as Gadaba or Bodo-Gadaba, is a highly endangered language of the Munda family spoken in Koraput District, Odisha (Orissa) State, India. There are roughly 5,000 - 8,000 Gutob speakers remaining, but this number continues to decline as speakers shift to Desia (and Ollari Gadaba), accelerated in recent years by large-scale hydro-electric developments that have disrupted the Gutob communities significantly.

The Gutob words and phrases in the Gutob Talking Dictionary were collected, edited, annotated and transcribed by Gregory D. S. Anderson with help from researchers Opino Gomango and Bikram Jora, speakers Bondu Kirsani, Tankadhar Sisa, Kamla Sisa and Radha Kirsani, as well as field assistants Gajendra Pradhan, Sujesh Gomango and Satosh Padni. The Gutob language documentation project was made possible by award no. 1500092 from the National Science Foundation, "Documentation of Gutob, an endangered Munda language of India.” This support is gratefully acknowledged.

The entries in this dictionary are also archived as part of a larger Gutob collection housed at PARADISEC. The Gutob collection was organized and archived by Anna Luisa Daigneault for Living Tongues Institute for Endangered Languages.

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