The first version of the Nasa yuwe Talking Dictionary was produced in 2012 during a digital activism workshop. The dictionary was produced by Jairo Arias, Loly Colderón, Yesena Rincón Jiménez, Ananía Piñacue, Prof. Pedro Marín Silva, K. David Harrison and Jeremy Fahringer. The dictionary was then expanded by Swarthmore student Frank Mondelli in collaboration with Nasa yuwe speaker Francy Yanet. The original 2012 Talking Dictionary at Swarthmore was based on a 1983 print dictionary (GERDEL, Florence L.; SLOCUM, Marianna C., 1983. Diccionario: páez-español / español-páez. Lomalinda: Editorial Townsend. xxii, 493 pages). 

In 2020, a team of language activists in Columbia is working on adding new data to the dictionary. Anna Luisa Daigneault from Living Tongues Institute is helping to facilitate the process.